Temperature and Demand

CFAN has developed advanced forecasting techniques that provide the expected temperature evolution over 15 days at more than 300 locations in the U.S. Our forecast provides departures from normal for both minimum and maximum temperatures, as well as probabilistic and multi-model temperature outlooks that provide a more complete understanding of forecast uncertainty.


CFAN has developed a unique approach for determining the probability of heat waves or cold air outbreaks that routinely demonstrates skill out through three to four weeks. Combining risk thresholds with these probabilistic extreme outlooks allows CFAN to deliver customized solutions that better position users to anticipate market behavior.


Heating and cooling degree days (HDD, CDD) are calculated as deviations of surface temperature from 65 F. The regional average degree day totals are derived from the gridded temperature values by weighting each grid area by its percentage of the regional population. Time integral values of HDD, CDD provide indices that incorporate both the intensity and duration of the heat or cold event.


Our longer-range outlooks provide a combination of quick-response, decision-oriented outputs with more complex meteorological graphics to support a variety of client user types and decision process complexities.