Weather and Climate Forecasts

CFAN’s forecast products provide the intelligence that you need to improve outcomes as you manage weather and climate risks. 


CFAN has been defining the state-of-the-art in weather forecasting since 2007.  CFAN’s world-class research team applies the latest research to developing novel and unique solutions for the marketplace.


CFAN's weather and climate solutions, spanning time scales from days to decades, are based upon a sophisticated statistical/dynamical system that utilizes ensemble forecasts from multiple weather and climate modeling centers.  CFAN adds considerable value to the weather and climate model outputs through ensemble calibration and interpretation, and pattern/analogue techniques.


We provide daily, weekly, and seasonal forecasts of surface weather and extreme events, including tropical cyclones, floods and drought, heat waves and cold outbreaks.  Our forecasts assess the most likely future outcome as well as the uncertainty in the forecasts.


CFAN offers three subscription-based products:

  • TropiCast predicts tropical cyclones.

  • AgriCast provides forecasts for the agricultural sector

  • OmniCast provides weather forecasts for energy industries.


Clients use CFAN’s decision support tools via a browser-based “dashboard”, interactive tools, and data feeds. The dashboard presents summary information for quick review. The interactive tools provide a deeper look at the multiple dimensions of meteorological information.  Data feeds are used to integrate our forecasts with client decision tools.


CFAN also customizes these products and provides consulting services, including regional climate scenarios and impact assessments.  We would welcome the opportunity to strategize with you to meet your custom forecast requirements.