Southeast U.S. Crops

Forecasts for Southeast Crops
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CFAN is now registering users for trial subscriptions of customized precipitation and temperature forecast products for the major agricultural regions throughout the southeastern United States.  Forecasts will be available for each station location identified on the map.  Click on the Register tab to receive access to the free trial forecasts. Once your registration is confirmed via email, CFAN will notify you when the products are available.



For the past 10 years, CFAN has been a pioneer in the development and application of the latest weather and climate research to a wide range of customer challenges on a global scale, including major industries and government.  Recently, CFAN has begun partnering with trusted names in the agricultural industry such as Cotton, Inc. and USDA Extension in an effort to offer quality weather forecast products for this sector.  Due to CFAN’s close ties with Georgia Tech, the company has been able to take a front row seat in pursuing the development of research conducted by non-traditional collaboration among researchers at Georgia Tech, the University of Georgia, Auburn University, Mississippi State University, the University of Arkansas and North Carolina State University.  Therefore, it only makes sense that CFAN has chosen to begin offering its new agricultural products to customers in the Southeast first. 

What Makes CFAN Different?


CFAN distinguishes itself amidst competitors by improving upon the best weather models in the world through the application of advanced calibration techniques and translating those improved forecasts into terms that growers can use to make on-farm decisions.  CFAN’s products rely upon ensemble weather forecasts, providing the opportunity for users to more accurately calculate the probability and risk of weather-related events. 


CFAN scientists are engaged in research to improve forecast products and applications in the agricultural sector.  A particular focus of our research has been the application of probabilistic precipitation and weather forecasts. CFAN scientists are actively collaborating with crop scientists throughout the Southeast to develop relevant tools for weather-related on-farm challenges. 

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