Incorporating the latest research into our solutions and products

The processes that drive the behavior of weather and climate are exceptionally complex. Forecast solutions and innovations are based upon advancing the underlying science as well as by the evolving skill of forecast models.


Our products undergo a continuous cycle of improvement as we incorporate the latest research in weather and climate dynamics, prediction and predictability, extreme weather events and their impacts, and decision support tools. 


Not only do we react quickly to incorporate the latest research into our products, but we conduct original research that pushes the forefront of understanding of complex weather and climate phenomena. This research helps us produce more skillful forecasts and better assessments predictability of weather and climate events, so that you can have greater confidence in our solutions.  Further, our research provides the underpinnings of new forecast product offerings and supports customized consulting to tackle your most challenging problems related to weather and climate risk.


Research team


CFAN’s world-class research team has extensive experience studying and forecasting weather and climate on every continent around the globe. Building on the heritage of the research groups of Professors Peter Webster and Judith Curry at the Georgia Institute of Technology, CFAN's scientists excel in advancing the scientific understanding of weather and climate dynamics, its predictability and its prediction.


CFAN employs 9 scientists who hold PhDs in atmospheric science and related fields,  and partners with additional scientists as consultants. CFAN’s team of scientists and engineers excels at translating research into viable solutions, including expertise related to computer modeling, statistical data analysis, predictability and uncertainty, programing and design, networks and infrastructure, and user interfaces. The CFAN team takes that array of experience and research expertise, creates synergies, and ultimately delivers to our clients the best solutions in marketplace.


Research publications

The publications by CFAN’s scientists cited on Research pages include the original research that seeded the CFAN engine and products, plus the ongoing research that keeps CFAN on the leading edge of weather and climate prediction: