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CFAN’s research team provides resources for your organization with state-of-the-art research, product development, forecasts and analysis – delivered in reports, databases, or software solutions.


CFAN provides customized solutions and consulting services to support sound, data driven decisions.  We can help you integrate our weather and climate forecasting services with your business intelligence and analytics. 



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Your unique challenges and opportunities may benefit from applying our expertise to developing a unique solution for your organization. Further, your vision into potential applications of weather and climate data and forecasts can provide us with ideas for future product enhancements.


CFAN’s major product developments have evolved through working with clients to address their forecast needs and to interface with their analytics.  [see Success Stories] 


We would welcome the opportunity to strategize with you to meet your custom forecast requirements and design solutions to meet your individual needs. 


Research and consulting reports


Examples of CFAN’s previous research and consulting projects: 


Impact of extreme events on regional stability for South Asia








































The Office of the Secretary of Defense funded CFAN to assess natural disaster and climate change impact threats in South Asia - Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and India. The objectives of project were to relate CFAN's regional weather and climate predictive capability to a comprehensive regional analysis of weather hazards and climate impacts as security threat accelerants, and to address how effective use of this predictive capability could proactively reduce the threat acceleration associated with these events. The report highlighted the interplay between security and uncertainty in a number of South Asian nations across areas that are highly susceptible to climate change impacts: food security, energy, and water resources. Climate, weather, and hydrologic forecasting tools can be of significant use to U.S. operational commanders, as well as policy-makers, in proactively responding to threats as they are developing. Download Report

In preparation for a major World Bank project in Pakistan, CFAN prepared a comprehensive analysis of the flooding of the Indus River system in Pakistan during the summer and autumn of 2010. This event represented not only a humanitarian disaster on a cataclysmic scale, but also a significant threat to U.S. security interests. The destruction wrought by the 2010 floods weakened Pakistan’s struggling civilian administration and add to the burdens on its' military, distracting from its efforts to keep the Pakistani Taliban in check. Our analysis examined the causes and impacts of the floods, including how the floods have acted as a threat accelerant to an already unstable nation. The report illustrated how a probabilistic forecasting scheme can help reduce some of the threat accelerant components of natural disasters. Download Report

The cost of environmental damage and health effects is as high as 10% of Sunderban’s gross domestic product, and many socioeconomic and biophysical tipping points have already been exceeded.  Working with a team from the World Bank, CFAN participated in an assessment report to support socioeconomic development of the Sunderbans under future uncertain conditions.  The report includes a menu of policy options to address the future uncertainties that would contribute to improving overall social and ecosystem resilience.  Download Report

Integrated assessment of the 2010 Pakistan floods 

Building resilience for sustainable development of the Sunderbans