Agricultural Meteorology

Under the leadership of Emily Christ, CFAN’s scientists have begun conducting research in agricultural meteorology.  Of particular relevance to CFAN’s agricultural forecast products, CFAN’s scientists are advancing research on:


  • Integration of probabilistic weather forecasts into precision agriculture

  • Weather impacts on crop heat stress and disease

  • Regional climate impacts on agricultural yields

  • Integration of probabilistic weather forecasts with yield models




Christ, EH, PJ Webster, JL Snider, VE Toma, DM Ooserhuis, DR Chastain, 2016: Predicting heat stress using probabilistic canopy temperature forecasts. Agronomy Journal  (pdf) 


Christ, EH, 2016:  Optimizing Yield with Agricultural Climate and Weather Forecasts.  Ph.D. thesis, Georgia Institute of Technology (pdf) 


Christ, EH, PJ Webster, GD Collins, VE Toma, and SA Byrd, 2015: Using Precipitation Forecasts to Irrigate Cotton. Journal of Cotton Science (pdf)