Extreme weather events within a watershed can change streamflow rapidly, impacting hydropower generation, flooding, droughts, and agricultural productivity.  Specifically targeted at the needs of hydropower system operators, regional power providers and energy marketers, CFAN has been making targeted forecasts for the Columbia River Basin since 2012.

CFAN’s hydropower forecasts use the ECMWF ensemble forecasts of meteorological variables to drive the Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) distributed hydrological model to simulate land surface water balance and streamflow.  


CFAN’s probabilistic forecasts for the Columbia River Basin include the following elements:       

  •  1-15 day probabilistic forecasts of precipitation

  •  1-15 day forecasts of basin-wide Snow Water Equivalent (SWE)

  •  1-10 day probabilistic streamflow forecasts at critical basin locations (updated daily).        Streamflow forecasts use a naturalized streamflow model that is bias corrected relative  to  the actual regulated/managed flow.