Decision Support & Forecast Delivery

CFAN’s web-based decision support tools help you easily and quickly interpret forecast information to make optimal and timely decisions.  The dashboard presents summary information in a consolidated format that allows for quick yet informed analysis. Single direction scrolling provides increasing depths of information related to single events or larger regional domains.


More sophisticated and complex analysis is enabled by multiple dimensions of extended information components that are accessed via a tabular menu options.  This approach supports the complexity of decision making without creating a tool that is overly complex.

CFAN’s extended dashboards utilize a range of static and dynamic presentations of information that puts the user in control of the process. Dynamic interface components include:  animation sequences, graphics sliders, overlays, zooming, and threshold analysis.

Users of mobile devices have the convenience of viewing summary information by defining their mobile experience from the main dashboard.


CFAN works extensively with our clients and partners to ensure that the decision support tools and user interface continually evolves in an effort to provide the optimal solution.


CFAN’s forecast products can also be delivered via data feeds that are customized to interface seamlessly with your models and software.